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5% off New Customer

Jeanne's would like to welcome our new customer with a 5% off your first purchase! We are very excited and honored that you have chosen us as your pet's provider. You can also receive even more savings when you use your military and cash discounts, you could save up-to 15%!

This discount is not valid over holidays, for grooming, with food and treat purchases or products.

5% off Military

Jeanne's would like to give a big thank you to our past and present military personal! We offer an additional 5% off your purchases at Jeanne's.

To receive this discount you must show your military ID card.

5% off Cash

We would like to extend our appreciation with offering an additional 5% off your purchases when paying with cash.

Free socialization

We would love for your dog to be a part of Jeanne's daily play in daycare and will socialize your dog into our pack for free!

You must purchase an 11 day or monthly pass to receive a free socialization.


Jeanne's Doggie Daycare cares about the health of your pets

All owners are required to provide documentation of their pet's vaccination from a licensed veterinarian. Jeanne's Doggie Daycare program is reviewed and approved by local Veterinarians.

Vaccination Requirements are:

  • Dogs:

  • Bordetella: Current
  • DHPP: Current
  • Rabies: Current
  • Cats:

  • FVR-CP: Current
  • FELV: Current
  • Rabies: Current
  • Pricing

    Jeanne's Rates


  • Socialization (all new dogs) $30
  • Socialization fees will be more for aggressive, nonsocial dogs
  • Socialization is FREE when you purchase a pass on day of socialization.

  • Daycare is FREE after the first (5) paid days of daycare while boarding!
  • VIP passes consist of a rinse off with water and a hand towel dry/damp at the end of each daycare play day.
  • Unlimited and VIP daycare passes include a rinse off for your dog(s) at the end of their day
  • All customers are charged for daycare the day of drop off regardless of time dropped off.

  • Full Day Daily Daycare
  • $30 per day
  • $50 for two(2) dogs
  • $60 for three(3) dogs

  • Half Day Daily Daycare
  • $20 (for any four hours)
  • $30 (for two(2) dogs)
  • $35 (for three(3) dogs)

  • Monthly Pass
  • Unlimited monthly pass is 7 days a week!
  • Monthly passes run from the first date of attendance and end the same date in the next month.
  • One(1) dog 5 days per week $300
  • One(1) dog VIP 5 days per week $350
  • Two(2) dogs 5 days per week $400
  • Two(2) dogs VIP 5 days per week $475
  • Three(3) dogs 5 days per week $500
  • Three(3) dogs VIP 5 days per week $600

  • 11 Day Pass
  • Good for any day of the week.
  • Good for 2 months and then will expire from the first date of attendance and the end of the same date two months later.

  • 11 day pass one(1) dog $200
  • 11 day pass one(1) VIP dog $235
  • 11 day pass two(2) dogs $300
  • 11 day pass two(2) VIP dogs $350
  • 11 day pass three(3) dogs $400
  • 11 day pass three(3) VIP dogs $475

  • Dog and Cat Boarding
    Dog Boarding
  • One(1) dog $28 per night
  • Second(2) dog same suite $23 per night
  • Three(3) & four(4) dogs in same suite$95 per night
  • Daycare while boarding $15 per day per dog

  • Cat Boarding
  • One(1) cat $25 per night
  • Two(2) cats $40 per night
  • Three(3) cats $50 per night

  • Small Animal/Bird/Rodent
  • Same as cat suite if in cat suite
  • Same as dog suite if in dog suite

  • Extras
  • Cuddle time $10 15 minutes per session.
  • Kong rental $5 per Kong. Stuffed with cheese of peanut butter. Refill $1 to $2
  • Hoof stuffed with cheese or peanut butter $5 per hoof. Refill $1
  • Bath Depends on size of dog and length of hair

  • Discounts available for long term boarding.
  • After five(5) paid days of daycare while boarding, daycare will be free for the duration of your dogs stay.
  • Three(3) & Four(4) dog stay in same suite (master suite) daycare is included in boarding nightly price.
  • If picked up before 9am Monday-Saturday, you are not charged daycare.
  • If you have a monthly daycare pass your daycare is automatically free while boarding.
  • If you have an 11-day pass you can use these days for your daycare or you can pay the daycare while boarding or you can pay the daycare while boarding price and keep your 11-day pass.
  • If you choose to keep your dogs out of daycare while boarding, the daily segregation fee will be $20 per day. Three(3) or more dogs boarding in the same suite (master suite) will be charged an extra $15 per night.